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Posted May 19, 2023 by Garbett Homes

Buy green. For a variety of reasons, most Utahns aspire to follow this recommendation in their day-to-day lives. Unfortunately, “green” has become an umbrella term for a variety of products that can help the environment in a variety of ways making it difficult to navigate what makes a green product green. While we have given a brief overview of what makes a home “green” in the past. We thought it was time to go more in depth into why Garbett Homes is Utah’s green home builder.


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About Garbett Homes

Before we begin, it is extremely important to demystify what “green” means when it comes to the homebuilding industry at a consistently achievable level. More especially what building “green” means for Utah. Green home builders in Utah need to consider indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and water conservation. Areas that Garbett Homes leads our market in. And that we will continue to improve and lead in for the years to come. Let’s take a deeper look at these aspects.

Energy efficiency is about consuming as little energy as possible during operation of the device or appliance someone is using. This is a green home building practice because most of the energy in Utah comes from one of two sources. Burning coal to generate electricity or using natural gas to heat homes and water. Polluting the air, depleting natural resources, and damaging Utah’s beautiful natural scenery. When we’re able to reduce the energy consumed, we’re able to keep those resources in the ground and maintain air quality. Green home builders use advanced windows, insulation and framing techniques, to allow your home to maintain the desired interior temperature for longer periods of time. Meaning that you not only need to use your HVAC system less but that when you do you can use it for shorter periods of time. As a bonus not only are you saving energy and natural resources, you’re also saving money on your utility bills. One of the ways that green homebuilders can help you save some green and build up even more value in the home you own.

However, especially for Utah home builders, green shouldn’t stop at energy efficiency. Water conservation is a must to be a true green homebuilder. Garbett Homes uses tankless water heaters, low flow plumbing fixtures, and landscaping that follows Localscapes principles to help your home conserve water. Like with energy efficiency, water conservation is all about using less water in more effective ways. Keeping our lakes cleaner and fuller. An important part of the job if you want to claim Utah’s leading green homebuilder. And that’s all without mentioning the savings your wallet will enjoy with a lower water bill.

Awards and Recognition

Of course it’s understandable if you’re cynical about Garbett Homes being Utah’s best green home builder when we’re the ones saying it. But we aren’t the only ones saying. Garbett Homes is proud to be a six-time winner of the US Department of Energy Housing Innovation Awards, and we are a 2022 National Green Building Standard Partner of Excellence. Garbett Homes doesn’t just talk about building green, we have the accolades to back it up.

Where We’re Building Now

Want to see what a green home looks like in person? We have communities in Farmington, Midvale, and West Jordan that you can visit today! If those cities are not quite where you’re looking for, fear not, another community is coming soon to Murray.  If you want to learn more about any of these amazing communities from Utah’s best green home builder before you visit why not contact our new home specialist at (801) 396-9095 &!


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