How Do Tankless Water Heaters Work? - Here's All You Have To Know

Posted Jun 22, 2022 by Garbett Homes

showerEssential to both energy efficiency and water conservation, tankless water heaters are a key feature that makes Garbett Homes the greenest homebuilder in the state of Utah. This amazing product allows your new home to supply you with endless hot water, can potentially lower your energy bill, and help you conserve water. Sounds too good to be true? That’s why we prepared this article to help demystify this wondrous innovation.

How Do Tankless Water Heaters Work?
At its core, tankless water heaters are reactionary technology, only heating up water when you turn the hot water faucet. This is in contrast to traditional water heaters that waste water and energy by storing it in a tank and heating it up over and over in anticipation of you turning the hot water.

But Doesn’t That Mean Traditional Water Heaters Are Faster?
Remember the last time you took a shower? Even with the faucet turned to hot water you had to wait for the cold water to flush out before you got any hot water. Just because traditional water heaters have hot water on standby, it does not mean that you get hot water instantaneously. That would break the laws of science. Fortunately, Garbett Homes pairs our tankless water heaters with an ACT D’Mand Kontrols water recirculation pump that allows cold water to be quickly sent back to the water heater at the push of a button allowing you to reduce your water waste getting to the temperature you want. And remember, reduced water waste does not only mean water savings for the state, it also means savings for your wallet.

So Why Go Tankless?
It truly just comes back down to savings. Due to the nature of how tankless water heaters work, they don’t need to set gallons and gallons of water aside for the purpose of having hot water on demand. They don’t need to constantly waste energy to maintain the set temperature whether you are in the home or not, saving water and energy. Saved water and saved energy translate to saved money. When our homebuyers save money in the long-term we at Garbett Homes smile. 

As the Salt Lake Valley grows, the concerns of energy and water consumption will become a top priority. With Garbett Homes you can rest easy that you have been given the tools to efficiently utilize the water in your home as a standard. Allowing us to give you lowered costs of ownership, a higher quality of investment, or even simply the foundation of your forever home.

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