Tips to Throw an Awesome Housewarming Party

Posted May 12, 2023 by Garbett Homes

So, you want to celebrate your new Utah home. That’s great! Buying a new home is a major life milestone and you should celebrate it. A housewarming party is a fantastic way to do that! But if you haven’t hosted one before it can come with a lot of questions. Who do you invite? How soon after you move in should you hold the party? Why do I even want to host one in the first place? Not to worry, we are happy to offer you a few tips that should make your housewarming party show your friends and loved ones that you didn’t just buy a house, you found a home.

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Now, let’s start by talking about who you should invite, but first, a small disclaimer. No matter what social convention says, YOU are the final decider. This is your accomplishment, your milestone, and you can celebrate with those important to you. Don’t bring the party down by inviting someone out of obligation that will hurt you. That’s not fair to you or your loved ones. That said, typically invitations to housewarming parties consist of nearby friends, family members, and new neighbors. As mentioned above, the purpose of a housewarming party is to celebrate the new house and show off a little bit. New neighbors might be included so that they get to know you and you get to know them. Which can help build a community and reduce any of the mundane conflicts of suburbia. After all, the best crime fighting tool is a strong community.

As to when you should hold your housewarming party, it really depends. Typically, if you’re going to hold a housewarming party at all it should be done within the first 1-4 months after moving in. Long enough after you move in that you’re settled in and comfortable in your home, but soon enough that you’re still feeling the “new” sensation you want to rub off on others. Timing with holidays, and the schedules of your guests may also affect your party’s timeline. What’s important about the when is that it’s a “when” that works for your life and most of your guest’s lives.

Let’s finish off this article by answering why you would want to hold a housewarming party in the first place. Housewarming parties are about celebrating your new home and the next chapter of your life with those close to you and those that could be close to you. It’s a way to greet the potential of the future with open arms, start making new memories, and say “welcome home.” 

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