Maintenance March Introduction

Posted Mar 03, 2023 by Garbett Homes

Finding a new home is like falling in love. When you find the right one the future just seems to play out before you like a movie. All your dreams appear to come true all at once. That is the moment everyone at Garbett Homes strives for all our homebuyers to feel.

But just like falling in love, staying in love takes work. Just like a relationship can’t continue without regular maintenance, the wonderful features that make your new Utah home so amazing, also need regular maintenance. Without it, the relationship between your beautiful home and you may start to sour. All the savings on your energy bills that your new Utah Zero Energy Ready Home enjoys will also start to decline. And the work we put in to reduce your carbon footprint will be less effective. Leading to the end of your new home fairytale.


We want to give you a fairytale with no ending. You should love your new Utah home on your last day just as much as you did when you first got the keys. We also know that maintenance can be an intimidating prospect for homeowners. Which is why we’re celebrating Maintenance March. Every Friday for the next three weeks we will publish a new article explaining the hows and whys of maintaining the equipment in your new Garbett home that makes it so special. So that you can put in the work to stay in love with your home.


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