Everything You Should Know About West Jordan Public Schools - Part 2

Posted Feb 24, 2023 by Garbett Homes

Last week we showcased the public schools that the youngest residents of our Aurora Heights community will attend. Today we are going to highlight schools for the young residents of our Addenbrook Townhomes community. After all, building the “homes of the future” is about much more than the four walls and roof that you live in. Without further ado, please meet the West Jordan Public Schools that will serve your children in the Addenbrook Townhomes community.


Fox Hollow Elementary School

Having opened in 2011, this school was built with the changing education landscape in mind. Technology integration was considered from the inception of the school, not something that needed to be retrofit as an afterthought. Meaning that your children and their teachers will encounter less challenges with the new methods of education that technology can offer. But we haven’t even mentioned the best part! All homes in Addenbrook Townhomes are within walking distance of this school. Select homes have their backyard right next to the school! You cannot get any closer than that! Imagine being able to watch over your kids at recess while doing the dishes from the comfort of your home. There are few public schools in West Jordan as perfect for first time homebuying families as this school. 


Sunset Ridge Middle School

The best way to describe middle schools in Utah is as a sort of buffet for the students that they serve. They are viewed as a time of discovery. Sunset Ridge Middle School is no different in this regard. Offering classes in coding, early college and career prep, foreign languages, the arts, and honors courses, your children will be invited to explore a variety of topics both academic and practical. Engaged families will not only help their student discover their natural talents but develop them into the tools to create a fully lived life. 


Copper Hills High School

Enrolling grades 10-12, your children can’t go wrong attending Copper Hills High. This public high school in West Jordan is among the top 30% in the state for college preparation according to Meaning that your young academic will be better prepared for higher education than 70% of other young Utahns! Is your kid more of a doer than a thinker? Vocational training is also out of this world at CHHS. With concurrent enrollment classes available to Juniors and Seniors through the local technical college, graduating high school with the advanced skills needed to make it in the trades is easy! The amazing athletics and diverse selection of clubs complete the perfect educational capstone for your children as they prepare for the real world. 


When summed up in one word, the public schools in West Jordan are best described as aspirational. Students in this beautiful city do not get trapped or shoved into one box. In turn this helps make West Jordan one of the best places to live in the state of Utah. If you want West Jordan to be part of your future, please reach out to our new home specialist and make an appointment today!


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