Zero Emissions Homes

Posted Jul 07, 2023 by Garbett Homes

What are Zero Emissions Homes?

When discussing a more environmentally friendly future, a common goal you’ll hear about is utilizing zero emissions products. Or in other words, products that generate zero carbon emissions. Carbon being the greatest contributor to climate changing greenhouse gasses. Unfortunately, like many simplified explanations, it isn’t the whole story. Which can lead to a lot of unfair confusion for buyers, especially in the homebuying space. Today we want to help you cut through some of that confusion, about what it means to find a Zero Emissions Home. If you’re interested in this concept please read on. 

Let’s start by setting something straight. Zero Emissions Homes, Zero Energy Homes, and Net Zero-Energy Homes are all descriptors for the same type of home. Homes that offset the carbon emissions that they create with the fossil fuels they consume by the renewable energy that they contribute to the grid. Usually by using solar panels but could also be through using wind turbines although the wind turbine route is more challenging than solar panels. Allowing for net zero energy to be consumed over the course of a year. Further reductions in carbon emissions can also be achieved by having the home only use electricity for energy instead of having some appliances use natural gas. An all electric home with solar panels is how we will be defining Zero Emissions Homes for the rest of the article.
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What are the Benefits of Owning a Zero Emissions Home? 

Aside from working towards leaving a healthier planet tomorrow than it is today there are several tangible benefits to owning a Zero Emissions Home. The biggest benefit is savings on your utility bill. By their very nature Zero Emissions Homes consume less energy than homes of comparable size as a start. But, Zero Emissions Homes are also healthier than homes that also use natural gas. Appliances using natural gas don’t just pollute outdoor air after all, they also pollute indoor air. Which can significantly effect your lung health. Not to mention the risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning is all but eliminated in Zero Emissions homes. Which is why we here at Garbett Homes are seeking to push towards that next step.

Currently, Garbett Homes builds homes to the US Department of Energy’s “Zero Energy Ready Homes” standard. We have previously discussed what that means HERE, but the short version is, we build our homes to need as little energy as possible to operate the appliances that use the most energy. Additionally, if you’re interested in getting closer to your Zero Emissions Homeowning dream we do have options to help you get there. And we’re just getting started as we continue to find new avenues to become closer to getting our homebuyers turn-key Zero Emissions Homes.

Garbett Homes is Utah’s only locally owned home builder that builds to the Zero Energy Ready Homes standard. Offering communities across the Salt Lake Valley, these homes don’t only offer better ways to live but they’re where you want to live. If you’re interested in living a greener life in one of our homes, please reach out to our new home specialist today.


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