Maintenance March: ERV Filters

Posted Mar 17, 2023 by Garbett Homes

Energy Recovery Ventilators or ERVs for short are a crucial element to maintain your new Utah home’s Zero Energy Ready Home status. As we stated in an article written earlier this year, this device allows your home to stay at your desired temperature with cleaner air and while using less energy. This makes it a key component in how a Garbett green home can save you money in the long run. Both directly through lower energy bills and indirectly through better indoor air quality. It’s just one of the many ways that your new Utah home has you living in the future.

As amazing as ERVs are, they still must adhere to the laws of science. To clean the air entering and leaving your home a filtration system is used. And dirty filters can mean losses in energy efficiency and air cleanliness. Which then eats into the money you save. Fortunately, it is really easy to prevent this, just clean the filtration system about every 3 months. We’ve included this easy video guide to help show you how.

If Your ERV does not look like the one in the above video please refer to this Video:

As you can probably tell this process should take about 1-2 hours, maybe 3 for novices and uses items you should already have for generally cleaning your home. When done properly your ERV system can keep your home clean and energy efficient for 20 years minimum! Isn’t it great how a little action now can pay off in a big way in the future?

Preventative maintenance for equipment like your ERV makes a big difference in not only your quality of life but the quality of the home. That’s why we at Garbett Homes want to help you feel confident in caring for your home. We invite you to come back next week for more home maintenance tips to help keep your home looking amazing. 


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