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Posted Sep 29, 2023 by Garbett Homes

Are you conflicted between your dreams of homeownership and your love for a metropolitan lifestyle? Do you feel like you will have to give up one desire to fulfill another? We have some good news for you if that’s the case. Our upcoming townhome community Azure Place will be an opportunity for you to satisfy both desires. As we enter the final stages of bringing this rare opportunity to buy a new home in Salt Lake City to market, we wanted to let you know a little bit about the greater neighborhood you’re soon to call home, the Capitol Hill Neighborhood.

What is The Capitol Hill Neighborhood?

Comprising the northwest of Salt Lake City, Utah the Capitol Hill Neighborhood is one of the city’s oldest residential districts. Home to Utah’s State Capitol Building, which it obviously gets its name from, this neighborhood offers a blend of pioneer era and modern architecture. Giving it a distinct look all its own that embodies Utah’s desire to look towards the future without forgetting the past. There are few places that capture the aspirations of Utah better than this neighborhood. Making it one of the most desirable places to live in Salt Lake City for people of all walks of life.

Close to Downtown

Let’s say that a friend is visiting from out of state, and you decide to go to a Utah Jazz game that evening. If you’re living in the Capitol Hill Neighborhood the Delta Center is practically just down the road. The same for the home of Salt Lake FanX, the Salt Palace. The only way to have better access to downtown while still owning a home is to live in a city with a Frontrunner Station.


Prime For Young Professionals

Utah’s place in the history of health sciences and computer sciences, in addition to the support of high paying trade industries, has long made it an attractive location for entrepreneurs and start-ups. An attraction that has only accelerated over the last decade. In turn this has fostered Salt Lake City to grow into one of the most vibrant cities in the intermountain west. The recently opened Edison House, a social club oriented towards professional networking, fitness, and exclusive events, is a 5-minute drive and 19-minute bus drive from your new neighborhood. While several restaurants and bars are within walking distance. Young couples, bachelors, and bachelorettes will find plenty of opportunities both personally and professionally living near Capitol Hill.

A Remote Work Haven

While remote work is here to stay, there are many jobs that might need you to come into the office at least part of the week. Living in the Capitol Hill district will give you a great opportunity to get to the office fast when that need arises. And still be home in time for a nap before dinner. While the heavy residential nature of the neighborhood will grant you the tranquility you need to focus on your job when you’re at home. Making the Capitol Hill district optimal for meeting the needs of the workers of the future.

These benefits that come from city living should be as accessible to as many people that want them as possible. We’re proud that our upcoming townhome community, Azure Place, will help make that dream a reality. If you’re interested in making one of these Zero Energy Ready townhomes your home, why not become a VIP by reaching out to our New Home Specialist? 

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