Gardening Tips for Drought Planning

Posted Sep 15, 2023 by Garbett Homes

Is one of the things that you’re looking forward to doing in your new Utah home planting a garden? You’re not alone. Whether for food or beautification, gardening is a popular hobby among Utahns. Unfortunately, Utah is still a desert and water still needs to be conserved. In order to help your garden be as good for Utah as our Zero Energy Ready Homes are, we wanted to share three tips that could make next year’s garden thrive in the desert.

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Use Mulch and Compost
Part of being efficient with your gardening water is getting the most you can out of every drop. Your soil mix will play a big factor in this. Sandy soils drain rapidly, not only making it hard for the roots to absorb water but also meaning that crucial nutrients are flushed away. A solid compost of decaying organic matter will not only boost the amount of nutrients available to your plants, it will also slow down the water’s flow, keeping it closer to your roots for longer. 2-4 inches of loose water absorbent mulch will also cool down the surface of your garden, allowing you to lose less water from evaporation. Allowing your water to go even further. Which in turn makes you need to water less frequently.

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Use a Raised Bed
A raised garden bed is a tool that offers you a greater degree of control over your garden. You have total control over the quality of the soil since it’s separated from your lawn. You can reduce the amount of weeds in your garden because they’ll have difficulty penetrating the soil. And you can concentrate your watering efforts with less concern that it will spill over to your localscaped yard. Allowing for your new garden in your new home to be a better and more effective garden for the planet. And that’s before we talk about how townhome friendly raised garden beds can be.

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Grow Climate Adapted Fruits and Vegetables

Growing your own fruits and vegetables can help cut down on your grocery bill. But if all that money goes towards your water bill instead you haven’t really saved any money. Take the time to make sure you’re growing the right plants for your new Utah home’s climate. If you’re not sure where to start, Utah State University’s Yard and Garden Extension and the Jordan Water Conservation Park in West Jordan can help you out. Speaking about what you should grow.

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Grow Only What You Need

Zucchini is a nutritious, versatile, hardy, emerald menace. If you grew up in Utah, you have experienced just how prolific that vegetable is, and the ensuing havoc when everybody has grown too much. For some plants, planting a little can go a long, long, way. When you’re planning next season’s garden take the time to evaluate how much of each plant that you really need. Reduce the size of your garden. A plant that goes unplanted is more water for your neighbors. And can help you avoid discovering what Zucchini Bread tastes like.

Gardening is an amazing and enriching hobby to start. It can even be the thing that makes a house feel like home. We at Garbett Homes love how gardeners can make our homes even more beautiful. If you’re interested in a new home please give our new home specialist a call at (801) 396-9095 or reach out to them via email today! 


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