Garbett's Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving in Your New Home.

Posted Nov 03, 2023 by Garbett Homes

Has the purchase of your new Utah home made you want to try your hand at hosting Thanksgiving dinner for your friends or family? Is the stress of planning a big holiday dinner now making you regret that offer? It’s okay if the answer is yes. The sitcom cliché of the Thanksgiving dinner that went wrong exists. Many people either have either experienced a chaotic Thanksgiving or worry about having a chaotic Thanksgiving. In order to help you stay in love with your home and have your guests fall in love as well, I have gathered a few tips from the Thanksgiving aficionados at the Garbett Homes offices to share with you today. So, take a deep breath and read on to learn more.
Prepare for What You Can

When asked for her advice, Kelly, our HR Manager and Senior Accountant advised to “do what you can ahead of time.” Food that has a bit of shelf-life, like pies, can be prepared (or purchased we’re not judging here) a few days ahead of time. There are no rules against it! This will not only buy you time on Thanksgiving Day but will allow you to give more attention to some of the more challenging dishes.  While our Chief Financial Officer and his wife recommend setting the table a few days in advance if possible. Eliminating one of the most arduous chores that hosting can involve.


On the Meal Itself

Speaking on the matter of dishes, Rachel, one of our sales associates, advises to “go big or go home on the mashed potatoes. Double or Triple your matches to make sure everyone is satisfied.”  While this writer agrees with that recommendation, you can modify it for the side that your family loves the most. Looking at you stuffing enthusiasts! Todd’s family recommends using large disposable plates for ease of cleanup, BUT using real silverware. Emphasizing that plastic spoons, forks and knives have a tendency to break making them more of a pain than the potential ease of cleaning makes them worth. While Kelly added “have everyone else bring something to lighten the load.” Which will not only enhance everyone’s enjoyment of the meal, but it is also a fantastic opportunity to learn something new about your guests. The purpose of meals like this is to not only celebrate those close to you in your life, but to create the memories that make a house a home after all.

Being an Actual Host

Food is only one part of equation. Entertaining your visitors is the other. This can be an aspect of Thanksgiving that even your guests will worry about. Todd advises hosts to “Embrace the chaos!” Noise, energetic kids, and spilled food are part of what can and will happen. Worrying too much about it will distract you from the purpose of having people in your home. While Kelly wanted to remind hosts that “you can’t please everyone, so don’t worry about it.”  Rachel recommends to start the visit with “appetizers and drinks such as charcuterie board and festive cocktails.” Which can help your guests feel more at ease while they’re waiting for the main event. When it came to the matter of the potential for...personality clashes, Rachel offered this tip. “Have a lively playlist turned up in the background to distract your family members.” 

The dream of homeownership is a large dream made up of smaller dreams. If one of your smaller dreams inside the large dream of homeownership is to host these kinds of parties, we hope that our tips are helpful for you. And if you are still looking for the home that will fulfill that dream, or just the next chapter in your life, we invite you to come to our communities in West Jordan, Midvale, Farmington, and Murray to see what our Zero Energy Ready Homes can do for you.


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