Why Does 2x6 Framing Matter?

Posted Aug 25, 2023 by Garbett Homes

If you’ve been a frequent visitor to our website, you might be wondering why we take so much pride in our 2x6 framing method? Is it just about the benefits from energy efficiency? Or can there be more benefits to 2x6 framing than just how it can help reduce your carbon footprint? Read on to find out more about why 2x6 framing matters.

More Insulation

First, just to refresh your memory, 2x6 framing is a crucial aspect of building greener homes for Utah’s wildly variable climate. The more insulation your home has, the less you need to rely on your HVAC system to keep your home at your desired temperature. The spacing of 2x6 walls and the slightly greater depth they offer allow us to pack more of our highly efficient blown-in insulation. Keeping your family comfortable all year round. No matter what the weather outside wants to do. 



Superior Sound Proofing
While it is mostly about temperature control, a side-effect of densely packed blown-in insulation is how it absorbs sound. Insulation’s goal is to restrict the movement of air molecules. That’s how it retains HVAC treated air for longer periods of time. Like heat, sound is also produced by the movement of air molecules. Movement that dense insulation will also restrict. Allowing homes that are built on 2x6 framing to be quieter than their counterparts using 2x4 framing. Just imagine being able to have that Saturday sleep-in even when your neighbor is doing his loud early morning lawn maintenance. Quietly reading in your bedroom while your partner practices on the trombone for their new 80’s rock cover brass ensemble in the living room. It’s possible with the sound dampening power 2x6 framing can offer.
More Space
2x6 walls create slightly deeper walls than their 2x4 counterparts. About an extra 2 inches of depth per wall if we want to ballpark the specifics. Which means that there is a little more wiggle room for the installation of all the piping, wiring, and ventilation needed for a modern home. That accommodation grants the home a more upscale feel than compared to similarly priced homes built on 2x4 framing. Not to mention the ability to use more electrical features throughout the house due to ease of wiring placement. Allowing your entire home to have a better “flow” to it. Creating an even more premium feel to it. 

As you can see, 2x6 framing offers more to the homebuyer than money saving energy efficiency. After all, we at Garbett Homes are always working hard to make your new Utah Zero Energy Ready Home a comfortable home. If you want to experience what 2x6 framing for yourself you can visit our model homes in West Jordan, Midvale, and Murray. Or contact our new home specialist to make an appointment today. (801) 396-9095 &



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