What We are Grateful for in 2022

Posted Nov 23, 2022 by Garbett Homes

As we enter the last month of the year, we at Garbett Homes are taking the time to reflect on this past year. With all the changes that have come to the State of Utah since 2020, it seems that our favorite corner of the USA has been going through some growing pains, meaning that we have had a lot to work on and a lot to be grateful for. With the holiday season starting up, we chose to take a break from educating and entertaining you to recognize that.

Forward Momentum
 In the face of challenges with supply chains, rising interest rates, and the other lingering aftershocks of the pandemic. Garbett Homes has been fortunate enough to be able to push ourselves further in our mission to make beautiful, comfortable, modern, Zero Energy Ready Homes. We built our first Passive House this year, we have begun the transition to utilizing Heat Pumps for your cooling and heating needs. We are grateful to have leadership and trade partners with the vision and forethought that allow us to keep our forward momentum going.

Our Employees
 Employees are the essence of life for any business, the employees at Garbett Homes, are what makes it possible for our homes to feel like home from the minute you get the keys. From the newest hire to the most senior member of our team, all our employees are unified in connecting you to the home of your dreams. Garbett Homes is grateful for our amazing employees and all the ways they fulfill our dreams and yours.

 Sometimes clichés are cliché for a reason no matter how sappy they seem to be. Yes, dear reader, whether you have bought a home from us in the past, you’re currently in the purchase process, or you’re just considering buying from us sometime soon. Garbett Homes is grateful for the time you have taken out of your day to learn more about the new green homes that we build in Utah. You and the many others in this state are why we wake up every day eager to work, and for that we are grateful.

If you are interested in learning more about Garbett Homes, please reach out to our new home specialist. And please, whatever you celebrate during this holiday season, make it the best one you can. Happy Holidays, and here’s to a brilliant 2023.


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