Relocation to Salt Lake City, Utah

Posted Oct 08, 2019 by Garbett Homes

Relocation Revulsion:

According to the U.S Census Bureau, roughly 40 million people move every year. 42.4% of those people move because they’re looking for a better living situation. 27.4% of them relocate because of family-related issues, they’re typically needing or wanting to be closer to family. And 20.2% of people move they’ve found a better position in a new area.

Whatever the reason for relocation it is almost always a guaranteed stressful experience. Finding a home in an area that is unfamiliar is daunting, uprooting family can be painful, and of course, there is the financial aspect to consider. Relocation expenses alone will deter individuals and families alike from moving, even if it means moving into a better situation.  

When deciding to make a big (or small) move there are a few things to consider:

  • What is the community like? 
  • What is the cost of living?
  • Is the job opportunity exciting? Will it be a good career move? 

Answering these questions provides some perspective as well as confidence. If the answers are mostly positive then no matter how difficult it may get, moving is more than likely the right decision.


Relocating to SLC:

Utah has become one of the relocation capitals of the U.S in recent years. Over the last ten years, according to the U.S Census, Utah has grown by almost 400,000 people making it the number one state for population growth this decade. There are several factors that contribute to this number but the economic growth experienced in Utah over the course of the last ten years is unmatched. 

The entire 45-mile region from Salt Lake City to Provo is known as “Silicon Slopes”. The competition that this area’s tech startups are giving the Bay Area’s “Silicon Valley” is like nowhere else in the country right now. Any business minded person could list several reasons behind the success of companies coming out of Utah including powerful networking and an abundance of talent, but in a recent interview, Chris Cottle, chief marketing and strategy officer at MaritzCX, also attributes the environment: “...we have that lower-stress lifestyle and lower cost of living. That, plus the outdoors and a family-first focus makes us increasingly attractive to a lot of people.” Utah’s lower cost of living, breathtaking outdoors experiences and incredible career opportunities all in your back yard make for a pretty good relocation package.


Bottom Line:

Relocating is intimidating. The seriously scary cons of moving can sometimes overshadow the pros. However, relocation can be the first step towards an improved family and social life as well as an impressive new career.


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