How To Love Your Home Office

Posted Feb 10, 2023 by Garbett Homes

Are you one of the estimated 58% of Americans that works from home at least one day a week? Is your home office just not quite where you want it to be? Are you struggling to love working from home? We here at Garbett Homes get it. Home offices can be a challenging thing! From increased energy bills to the blurred line between work life and home life, sometimes it can feel more like a prison. Which is why we decided to offer a few tips to help you love your home office, in your current home, or your next one.

Natural Light

Start by being intentional with where your home office will be located. Select a spot with access to a lot of natural light. Multiple studies have proven that your physical and mental health greatly improve with sunlight exposure. Which in turn will make you more productive!


Regarding Equipment

A great thing about working from home is the money you could save by not commuting. If you save money. Remember, you’re now consuming more energy at home. Here are a few tips to make sure your energy bills don’t eat your commute savings. Buy EnergyStar certified equipment for anything your home office needs that the company doesn’t supply. This applies to LED lightbulbs, printers, or even a mini-fridge if you’re so inclined. If your mini-fridge is just for drinks maybe consider exploring a solution that uses zero energy like a vacuum insulated tumbler instead of bottled water. The more efficiently you use your energy the more money you will save.


The Mental Space

Having boundaries between work life and home life has always been important. Working from home hasn’t changed that fact. Especially if you love your job. This makes it key to find ways to switch your brain into “work mode” and back. Think about what we said about being intentional about the location of your home office. A space that is dedicated to working from home can help you ease into that “work mode” routine. And more importantly ease out of it when the workday ends. Another way to achieve this need, is by having a routine or ritual to start the workday or end the workday. For example, vacuuming your work space, doing the dishes, or a shower.

The way that many people work has changed. Most likely these changes are only going to move forward and not back. Garbett Homes has designed their homes with these changes in mind. From the Zero Energy Ready Home standard we build to, to flex spaces and bonus rooms, to our large energy efficient windows; we offer many features that can make remote work a delight for our homebuyers. If you’re still not convinced why not reach out to our New Home Specialist and make an appointment to view one of our model homes today! 


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