How a New Garbett Home Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.

Posted Sep 30, 2022 by Garbett Homes

Your Carbon Footprint, everybody’s talking about it. Well not YOURS specifically, unless you’re famous, or a CEO then yes, everybody is talking about YOUR Carbon Footprint. Such is the burden of being a public facing figure; but enough about hypotheticals we’re here to talk about realities. As the consequences of climate change become more visible and drastic the need for individuals to reduce their carbon footprint becomes much more apparent. You see it, and we here at Garbett Homes see it too, which is why we have built homes that do more to reduce your carbon footprint.
Defining: Carbon Footprint
Let’s start by making sure we’re all on the same page when it comes to what we mean when we’re talking about the term “carbon footprint”. According to The Nature Conservancy, a carbon footprint is “the total amount of greenhouse gases that are generated by our actions”, behind mode of transportation the greatest source of what creates your carbon footprint is how you live in your home.
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Why is That?
Most of the energy used to power a home is utilized through fossil fuels. For example, according to the EPA, 61% of the electricity that Utahns used was produced by coal in 2021! That’s a lot of carbon you and your fellow Utahns are using!
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Where a Garbett Home Helps
Unless you choose to live as a sustenance farmer with no modern amenities, you will not be able to shrink your carbon footprint on your own. When you purchase a Garbett home, you have bought a strong foundation for reducing your carbon footprint. Our construction methods seek to make your home as energy efficient as possible at a reasonable price point. The more efficient your energy usage is, the less energy you use overall resulting in a smaller carbon footprint.
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It Isn’t Just Energy Efficiency
Transportation is another big carbon producer, for an individual it is most likely the biggest direct contribution to your carbon footprint. While public transportation is the best method to reduce your carbon footprint if practical, another way you can help is by switching to an electric vehicle or EV for short. Garbett Homes helps here too, by building your garage with the outlet you will need to make sure you can charge your car at home. Empowering you to overcome some of the challenges of adapting to new carbon footprint reducing technology.
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Go Further
Close readers will have noticed we said that our home is a strong foundation to reduce your carbon footprint. It wouldn’t be fair or right to just hand you that foundation without giving you some tips on how you can push your carbon footprint reduction further. Learn more about how you can do more by checking out this blog HERE.

Garbett Homes is proud to be Utah’s leading green home builder. We seek to continually push the envelope to be more energy efficient, use less water, and make sure your indoor air is cleaner. If you’re in the market for a new home and want to learn more please make an appointment by contacting our new home specialist! (801) 396-9095 &


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