Get to Know The Shops at Fort Union

Posted Apr 21, 2023 by Garbett Homes
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Home. If you’re reading this, home is what you’ve been tirelessly searching for. While our marvelous Midvale community, The Mill, offers beautiful Zero Energy Ready homes, the physical structure is one part of the greater equation that creates home. You also need a city you love, and a place to create the magical memories of day-to-day life. In Midvale, that magical place is The Shops at Fort Union. Allow us to introduce you to this crucial part of what makes our The Mill community the ideal candidate for your home.

The Shops at Fort Union is a large outdoor shopping center located just off of I-15 and a 5-minute drive from our The Mill community. Offering large national anchor stores, local favorites, restaurants, and a Cinemark movie theater, everyone will have a reason to visit this shopping center at least once a month. Turning it into a central location of the day-to-day of living in Midvale. 

And what a central location to have! Sitting near the base of the Wasatch Mountains Midvale, Utah can truly be described as where city and nature meet. The towering grand peaks will make a pleasant backdrop for the small parts of a lifetime of memories. Ice cream to celebrate the end of the school year, the weekly grocery run, going to the movies for your birthday, all become just that bit more idyllic and special here. 

But don’t be mistaken! It’s not all scenery, special outings, and groceries here. The Shops at Fort Union also have shops that cater to sneakerheads, bookworms, DIYers, and so many more. There is a store that will satisfy the needs of almost every hobbyist. Which in turn will cut down travel time and allow everyone in your household more time with the people they love in your new Midvale home. 

Garbett Homes is proud to give the Salt Lake Valley “homes of the future.” Not just houses. We are proud to build in and build up communities that are not only better for the environment than our competitors but for you and your household. We invite you to experience what we mean for yourself by coming to The Mill in person. Contact our new home specialist to make an appointment today! (801) 396-9095 &


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