Get in the Zone! Why Energy Efficient Garbett Homes are More Comfortable

Posted Dec 21, 2015 by Garbett Homes
Get in the Zone! Why Energy Efficient Garbett Homes are More Comfortable
Energy efficient homes do the work of heating, cooling and insulating better than non-energy-efficient homes. And when it comes to energy efficiency, Garbett homes go above and beyond the call of duty. Garbett's green technology creates a tightly sealed environment that is more than twice as efficient as other new, energy-efficient homes. The Garbett difference is in the attention to detail. Here are just a few of the areas where Garbett excels when it comes to energy efficiency:
  • Drywall clips. Instead of attaching sheetrock to wall studs with nails, drywall clips eliminate potential air leakages around nail holes and allow for more insulation per square foot. And more insulation means more energy saving. 
  • Blown-in fiberglass insulation on exterior walls. This creates a thermal insulation rating that is above industry requirements. Blown-in fiberglass is also non-flammable, insect resistant and non-absorbent, which ensures long-lasting protection from extreme weather changes. 
  • Low-E windows. Low-E windows allow light to come in while keeping the heat from the sun's rays out. This helps reduce the overall temperature inside the house, saving you money on summer cooling bills. 
  • Clean air exchange. Garbett homeowners enjoy knowing they are breathing clean air. Each home is equipped with an advanced air exchanger that completely replaces the air inside the home with filtered outside air. The system pre-cools the air in summer and preheats it in winter, reducing the workload to your heating and cooling unit. Less work from your system means more money in your pocket. 
Clean, perfectly heated or cooled air is healthier air for you and your family. The clean air exchange system helps reduce indoor allergens from pet dander, dust and other environmental factors. The system also keeps the moisture in the air balanced which means less dry skin and scratchy throats during the winter months.

Saving energy and money while staying comfortable is the goal of every homeowner, but sometimes, having it all can seem impossible. Never fear - a new, energy-efficient Garbett Home takes the guess work out of keeping warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Garbett Homes are built with the latest technology, which allows homeowners to put the right kind of air in the right place at the right time.

Zoned Heating and Cooling Basics

Zoned heating and cooling works based on the homeowner's preferences. For example, if you and your family gather in the great room for dinner every night at the same time, your heating and cooling unit can be programmed to provide the perfect temperature for your family's comfort. During dinner, the bedroom zones can be programmed to begin heating or cooling in time for the sleeping areas to be comfortable when children head to bed. And when you're done in the great room for the night, your heating and cooling system knows that area is not in use for the next 8 hours or so and makes adjustments accordingly. No more closing and opening vents to help move heat and cold to where it's needed most. Overly hot bedrooms in the summer and freezing cold living rooms in the winter are things of the past with a Garbett home.

Smart thermostats also help Garbett homeowners keep their homes comfortable. Smart thermostats put your home on a heating and cooling schedule so that when you wake up in the morning or arrive at the end of the day, your home is perfectly cooled or heated depending on your needs.

Although energy-efficient homes are all about saving you money, you can't put a price on the year-round comfort they provide. From heating and cooling zones and clean air exchanges to airtight fittings and more insulation per square foot, Garbett homes have you covered in all types of weather.




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