Everything You Should Know about Farmington Public Schools

Posted Jan 27, 2023 by Garbett Homes

What good is a “home of the future” if you can’t see it as the home of your family’s future? Not a whole lot that’s what! So why is a Garbett Home the home of your family’s future? While no one can see the whole future with certainty, we can showcase a major contributor to it. The public schools your children will attend when you buy a home in Fiore! So without further ado, join us for a preview of what the schools around Farmington, Utah are like.

Davis School District

Let’s start with an overview of the school district. According to, Davis School District is considered the second-best public-school district in the greater Salt Lake area. With strong support of collegiate level high school classes, needed exposure to high skill high value trades, and a graduation rate of 94%. Your child will be given a strong foundation wherever their interests lie. Here’s what that journey could look like when you move into our Fiore community.


Eagle Bay Elementary School

Only a nine-minute walk away from your front door, and offering enrollment from PreK – 6th grade, your child will develop a lifelong love for learning with Eagle Bay Elementary School. Offering an English-Spanish dual immersion curriculum and early technology integration makes this a “must consider” elementary school for any family moving to the Salt Lake Valley. 


Farmington Junior High

Junior High could be seen as the signal that your kid is starting grow up. A bittersweet fact but true. Fortunately, Farmington Junior High can help your kid start that transition to adulthood right. Engaged students, such as your child, will be given the opportunities to explore topics that won’t just prepare them for a career but for an enriched life. With required courses that highlight the arts, technology, and the trades, FJHS will demonstrate that college isn’t the only path forward. Running from 7th-9th grade, Farmington Junior High is a school you can be proud your child attends.


Farmington High School

Newly opened in 2019, Farmington High School will polish off your engaged student’s preparations for the future. Constructed with the technologies of today and tomorrow in mind while honoring the successful education methods of yesteryear. Farmington High School will ensure your child has a buffet of educational options. Combining electives relevant to successful careers with requirements in Fine Arts, Civics, and Financial Literacy, your child will be ready to take on any challenge their adulthood will throw at them.

The most important thing about any home you buy is that it feels like home. However, there is always an aspect of investing in your future when you buy a new home. Buying a new townhome in Fiore gives you the best of both aspects. A home your family can make your own and an investment not only in your future, but with the public schools of Farmington, an investment in your child’s future. What else are you waiting for? Contact our new home specialist and invest in yourself and your child today!


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