Why Use Our Preferred Lender?

Posted Apr 28, 2022 by Garbett Homes

Skepticism is a necessary tool to have in a homebuyer’s arsenal to ensure that their financial health is properly protected. Garbett Homes, and our preferred lender, Team Marylee with Cardinal Financial Company, Limited Partnership, are aware of your desire to shop around with other lenders to purchase your home. To keep you as informed as possible, here are five reasons why working with your homebuilder’s preferred lender is the best choice you can make in the homebuying process.


  1. Stellar Communication- A perk of preferred lender status is that Team Marylee has an already established and close relationship with Garbett Homes. This means that we already know how to communicate with each other and who to contact about what on both sides. No time is wasted on product education, relationship building, determining the method of contact, and who to contact. Allowing you to be a more informed customer at every step of your lending journey.

  2. Familiarity with Product- As mentioned in the above point, Garbett Homes and Team Marylee enjoy a close pre-established relationship that grants natural advantages to the homebuyer that utilizes them. One of these advantages is that Team Marylee’s knowledge of our communities, products, and timelines can only be matched by Garbett Homes themselves.

  3. Competitive Rates- Unlike other lenders, new loans are the majority of Team Marylee’s business. This allows them to be more competitive on the interest rate that you will pay over other lenders that operate on a re-financing first business model. Additionally, the mutual customer-first mindset that Garbett Homes and Team Marylee operate under, means that we want you taken care of as best as we can.

  4. Transparency Throughout the Process- When you partner with Team Marylee, you partner with someone who doesn’t just preach a customer-first mindset but puts it into practice. No better example of this is the open line of communication that Team Marylee extends to all their homebuyers throughout the lending and construction process. Other lenders only reach out if something has gone wrong with the loan or they need something from you, Team Marylee will reach out to celebrate your milestones with you and make sure you are as updated as often as possible. Much like Garbett Homes and our Community Team’s bi-weekly update calls, our preferred lender wants you empowered with as much information as we can give.

  5. Special Incentives- As this crazy market has demonstrated to us all, it is prudent to make sure your dollar stretches as far as possible. By choosing to finance your loan through Team Marylee, Garbett will be able to offer you deals not available with any other lender. While these deals do vary depending on market conditions, we almost always contribute to closing costs and moving costs with our preferred moving company.

Garbett Homes and Team Marylee know that home buying is one of the biggest and most serious financial decisions you can make. We embrace your careful skepticism in this process and want to make sure you’re both comfortable and confident in your purchase and who you choose to get your lending from. If you want to learn more or get started on financing your beautiful Garbett Home, do not hesitate to reach out by text, email, or phone to 801-898-6784,, or We hope to hear from you soon!




Marylee Gilchrist NMLS number 242466 and Cardinal Financial NMLS number 66247


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