Meet the Storers

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Meet the Storers

Every person who is looking for new homes for sale has an interesting story to tell and a distinctive set of needs, so what makes a home really a home? That’s something that Bryson Garbett asks each buyer of one of the unique homes he provides, including the Storer family. Few Utah home builders take the time to know the customer, but that is something Garbett and his partners pride themselves on. What makes the Storers stand out and how do they feel about their new Garbett home?

What is a Garbett Home?

In 1988, Bryson Garbett began his career in home construction at the age of 18. After graduating from the University of Utah, he decided to start his own business. Garbett Homes has spent the last 30 years designing award-winning properties that are both innovative and efficient.

Bryson and his team have one goal when creating a new design -- to build a home for people like the Storers. As home builders, they utilize the latest green technology to ensure the structure is not only affordable but efficient, as well.

Garbett Homes has built over 5,000 houses in the last 30 years and served the residents of over 30 different communities. Today, Garbett sells throughout the Wasatch Front. Just as important, they believe in giving back to the world. Working with various partners, Garbett has created over 100 classrooms in developing regions and sponsored scholarships to ensure the next generation has a chance. They recently completed a house built for the children of Chiapas, Mexico.

Who are the Storers?

The Storers are a family that needed more from their home. Prior to moving into their new Garbett house, they struggled in an older house that lacked good ventilation and insulation. Every year was a rollercoaster ride with high heating and cooling costs, too.

As a foster family, they found the old house didn’t have the space they needed to grow, either. The Storers not only foster children in need of a family, but they provide forever homes for five cats and one big dog.

Why the Storers Love Their Garbett Home

With two adults, two children and six pets, the space found in a Garbett Home changed everything. Space is also important to Josh and Ashlee Garbett because they do want to grow as a family. In the old house, space was limited and so was their ability to expand. As a foster family, they need the additional open space found in their new home.

The designer and artist in Josh find the visual creativity both inside and out is especially appealing. He loves over-the-top design and Garbett provides eclectic opportunities for him to stretch his creative muscles.

Love That Green Living

Ultimately, it’s the natural light and green technology that sells many Garbett homes. The Storers love the little touches like that extra window in the master bedroom’s closet and the light that comes into their loft space.

Josh and Ashlee’s little girl has a number of immune system issues, so the Energy Recovery Ventilator system makes her life more. Garbett finds that ERVs work well in the warm Utah climate. They pull in air from the outside, filter it and then circulate it throughout the house. It also pushes out the stale moist air, creating a clean, filtered environment. Garbett Homes offer state of the art building techniques designed to improve the performance of the structure with effective insulation and high-performance energy solutions.

The Storers are just one in hundreds of families that have improved their lives with the help of these new homes in Salt Lake and the surrounding communities. Garbett wants to make an impact not just on families but on their community and the world.


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