10 Interesting Facts You May Have Not Known About Salt Lake City

Posted Jul 22, 2015 by Garbett Homes
10 Interesting Facts You May Have Not Known About Salt Lake City

1. Snowy Mountains 
There are 7 mountains within an hour drive from Salt Lake City, four of which receive the most snow in state. Alta, which is just 25 miles away from Salt Lake City, is the recipient of approximately 560 inches of snow annually, making it the mountain with the highest amount of snowfall in the state. The other three, Brighton, Snowbird, and Solitude, also receive over 500 inches of snow and are within a 45 minute drive.

2. Really Salty Lake
The Great Salt Lake is famous for its extremely high level of salt. It has been measured to be four to five times higher than the ocean, containing approximately 4.5 billion tons of salt.This lake is the second saltiest body of water in the world, right behind the forerunning Dead Sea.

3. Great Salt Lake Islands
Being the largest natural lake west of the Mississippi, one would expect to find several islands within the Great Salt Lake, but did you know that the Great Salt Lake contains 17 officially named islands? These include Antelope Island, Stansbury Island and Fremont Island.

4. Finding Your Way Around Salt Lake City
Are you lost in downtown Salt Lake City? Think of the city as a big grid, with lines going perpendicularly north-south and east-west. Getting to your destination is as easy as knowing what intersection is closest to your destination, and matching that with the numbers on the street signs as you pass by. If you know this trick, it is virtually impossible for you to get lost in Salt Lake City.

5. Biking Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City is extremely bicycle friendly, and has over 150 miles of lanes and trail to ride on. There is also a 13.5 mile route that you can take through the city. This route will take you on a tour through the whole city, going through downtown, the farmer’s market, and other city-wide landmarks. In addition, Salt Lake City has processes in place to help keep riders safe on city streets. These include bicycle-specific traffic signals and bike turn boxes.

6. Local Breweries
Salt Lake City has twelve local breweries. The microbrewery culture has been blowing up here ever since the opening of Wasatch Brewery in 1986. It is the oldest brewery in the area, and even with eleven other breweries in Salt Lake City (including five medalists in 2013’s Great American Beer Festival), it is still a favorite among locals.

7. Year-round Farmer’s Markets
While the majority of people living in ski-towns are locked up in their home trying to figure out how, where, and when they are going to face the weather to stock up on groceries, residents in Salt Lake City are able to gather their favorite fresh local produce at the SLC Winter Market.

8. Concerts At Pioneer Park
During the summer, the Twilight Concert Series gathers bands and artists, popular enough to sell out giant venues, and creates free concerts. If you are willing to stand in line for a long period of time, these concerts are definitely something to take advantage of. Some of the artists that have been featured include MGMT, Empire of the Sun, The Nationals, and Ludacris.

9. Free Movies at Local Parks
Several parks in the Salt Lake City area host movie nights during the summer, where they show family-friendly movies on giant projector screens. One of the places that holds these movie nights is Snowbird, a major ski and snowboard resort. Free movies on a mountain while sitting next to your family, friends, and neighbors is a great way to spend your summer night.

10. Forerunner of the 50 States
Utah has the youngest population out of all the fifty states. They also boast one of the highest birth rates, and the second lowest death rate. Being of the healthiest population, the highest literacy rate, the highest percentage of high school graduates, and the highest number of people with a college education, Utah is one of the greatest places to live and to grow a family.

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